Thor Building Products Pty Ltd (Thor) is proud to manufacture and distribute nationally the Rhino Range of Insulation products for application in the Residential & Commercial Building Sectors. Through the application of lean manufacturing principles, modern production technologies and its direct distribution and marketing model (DDMM) Thor now boasts a strong market presence in an industry previously dominated by a few major suppliers.

Thor has established strong brand recognition and market acceptance of its reflective insulation product range (Rhino Wrap) and has expanded the Rhino Range of Insulation to include Residential Wall & Ceiling Batts, Commercial Partition Batts & Blanket, HVAC Acoustic Duct Wrap & Sound Lagging and an extensive further range of accessory products. Today Thor services a client base comprising more than 1500 direct clients and a further 1500 clients via building hardware outlets. More than 20,000 residential dwellings annually draw upon products from the Rhino Range of Insulation.

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