Rhino APL Acoustic Pipe Lagging is recommended for reducing noise generated by rainwater or waste pipes. It is typically used to wrap PVC or metal pipes in residential or multi-residential buildings, as well as in commercial buildings such as cinemas, auditoriums and concert halls. Rhino APL Acoustic Pipe Lagging is a combination of a loaded polymer barrier adhered to convoluted acoustic foam with an outer layer of Aluminium Foil Tri-Laminate.

Rhino APL Acoustic Pipe Lagging addresses the Building Code of Australia (Part F5) requirements that the sound insulation performance floors and walls in Class 2 and 3 multi-residential buildings shall not be adversely affected by pipe or service penetrations.

The BCA recognises the common problem of noise intrusion from waste pipes and specifies minimum standards of noise separation between such pipes and habitable room spaces (bedrooms, lounges, dining and family rooms) and non habitable room spaces (bathrooms, kitchens and laundries).

In these cases, Rhino APL Acoustic Pipe Lagging must be applied to pipes adjacent to ceiling penetrations such as air conditioning ducts, vents, downlights and exhaust fans. Rhino APL Acoustic Pipe Lagging correctly installed within a ‘deemed to satisfy’ construction, meets these requirements.

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