Rhino Blanket Unfaced is a general purpose, lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool. Designed for application under metal, fibre cement, and concrete roof cladding, Rhino Blanket Unfaced eliminates the problems associated with condensation build up on the underside of the roof cladding. Commonly installed with Rhino Blanket Facing reflective foil. The foil side faces down toward the air space under the roof and prevents airborne moisture from reaching the surface of the roof cladding. Rhino Blanket also performs as an acoustic insulative barrier. It reduces noise from outside the home, such as rain and from within the home by absorbing reverberant noise.

Rhino Blanket Unfaced is made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres and is available in a range of R-values please see the Rhino Blanket Technical Datasheet for more information.

Thanks to advances in formulation, our blanket range is low itch – making it comfortable to handle during installation.

Cut to size is avaliable on request