Manufactured in Australia, Pink Soundbreak Batts is specially designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance in residential buildings. The high-density composition of these batts make it the ideal solution for reducing sound transfer through walls, ceilings and between floors.

Installing Pink Soundbreak Batts in external walls and ceiling spaces limits the transfer of external noise into a home. Additionally the installation in internal wall cavities and between floors will reduce sound transfer between rooms and through floors thus creating quieter living spaces.

With normal density range of 24 – 26kg/m³, Pink Soundbreak Batts provides the added benefit of remarkable thermal performance; this improves the energy efficiency of a home which in turn provides energy cost savings. Additionally, the products composition is the ideal method of achieving higher R-vales with limited cavity allowance.

Thanks to advances in formulation, our glasswool range is low itch – making it comfortable to handle during installation.