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A Group of investors formed Thor Building Products Pty Ltd (Thor) in May 2000 for the purpose of developing a new manufacturing technology to produce reflective foil insulation used in the external wrapping of residential dwellings. Thor’s current Managing Director, Steele Ryan, had at that time secured marketing rights over the foil products which were to be produced.

December 2001, Steele Ryan & John Ryan purchased an interest in the manufacturing business. The new ownership of Thor commissioned a series of production trials which ultimately led to the creation of the Rhino Wrap product range. The successful development of this new foil insulation product (Rhino Wrap), which uses polywoven fabric technology, propelled Thor into the building house wrap market in March 2002 with an offering that was not only cost effective when compared with more traditional paper-backed foils, but which was superior in performance.

Thor entered the market in 2003 for under tile roof reflective insulation. By mid 2004 Thor had established a market presence with roofing contractors in Queensland, which included securing the supply contract for Boral Roofing. In July 2005 the NSW contract for Boral Roofing was also secured. This supply relationship continues today.

Reflective foil insulation was introduced in 2005 for application under metal roof. This product is now the market leader being used by both metal roof contractors and plumbers along the east coast of Australia.

In 2009 Thor expanded its product offering to include high quality bulk insulation solutions with the introduction of Rhino Wool and Rhino Blanket. In 2015 Thor completed its stable of insulation products with the introduction of Rhino Batts and the establishment of a national network for the complete product range.

April 2016 Thor secured preferred supplier status for the Rhino Range of Insulation with Hutchinson Builders, one of Australia’s largest construction companies.

Thor is also a 10 year Member of the HIA ‘Housing Industry Association’. The HIA brand is a powerful tool with HIA members responsible for over 80 per cent of new homes and renovations activity in Australia.

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