Q. What is the insulation R-Value?

  • The insulation R value is the most important aspect of choosing insulation. It is the measure of the products resistance to heat transfer and is a guide to its performance as a heat insulator.
  • The higher the R value, the more effective is the insulation in reducing heat flow into or out of the home.
  • For bulk insulation, suppliers generally quote an R value which is the value of the insulation itself that is added to the ceiling or wall.
  • For reflective foil insulation, the quoted R value refers to the resistance of the structure (roof or wall) after the insulation has been installed. This accounts for the resistance of any air gaps, roof and ceiling materials and how the insulation is installed.

The insulation R Value specified for a dwelling is determined with reference to the climate zone in which the dwelling is located. The Climate Zone Maps for each state identify the 8 climate zones established within Australia.

Q. What side of the wrap should face towards the road?

The blue, anti-glare side faces the road.

Q. What is the difference between the standard wall wrap and the breathable type?

Standard wall wrap for brick veneer and the breather for blue board, weatherboard, timber cladding etc.

Q. How do you fix Rhino Wrap to Wooden Frames?

Use Rhino Wrap Foil Fasteners or a Staple Hammer.

Q. How do you fix Rhino Wrap to Steel Frames?

Use Double Sided Tape or a Wafer Screw.

Q. Where should I store insulation products?

Insulation products are best stored in a cool dry place.

Q. Does Thor sell to the public?

Most definitely. Come on in. Public and trade enquiries are always welcome.

Q. How do I purchase Thor products?

Please call our friendly staff at our head office on 1300 880 828 or E-mail us at Send Mail

Q. How much is delivery?

Deliveries are priced on application. Contact us for more information regarding your circumstances.