Following the successful launch of Rhino Blanket in QLD during 2011 Thor has expanded the manufacture and distribution of this popular insulation for under metal roof to meet a growing demand in all States of Australia.

Rhino Blanket insulation incorporates glasswool blanket faced with a selected range of Rhino tough foils or other specialty facing e.g. acoustic fabric.

Rhino Blanket glasswool has BRANZ appraisal to confirm it’s suitability for use in building applications as specified in both the Building Code of Australia “BCA” and the New Zealand Building Code “NZBC”.

We are confident that our Rhino Blanket with superior duty facings will become the benchmark for the industry, additionally, feedback from the field overwhelmingly supports this opinion.

…more breaking news…..Rhino Blanket is now available in masterbags containing 162 sq m of R1.3 blanket, making handling and storage that much easier.